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Value of Drones For Advertising

You already know that drones are the future of e-commerce delivery, aerial surveillance and motion picture making, but what about advertising? How can drones make your golf course, hotel, real estate or photography business more appealing to customers?

Showcase Your Location From A New Perspective

If you wanted compelling aerial shots in the past, you had to hire a helicopter. But thanks to drones, you can now capture incredible views of your location from above at a fraction of the cost. Aerial shots are great for real estate agents who want to showcase architectural details, golf course owners who want to show off their putting greens, and photographers who wish to upsell customers on compelling new content.

Build Compelling Advertisements

With today’s saturated advertising market, it can be difficult to create content that engages customers. Drones, however, are an ideal tool for adding new perspectives in adverts, allowing you to achieve camera motions that are not possible through conventional means.

Use Drones As Actors

Drones are flying robots, capable of exciting aerobatic feats. Many companies feature drones in

their adverts, carefully choreographing their movements to create interest.

Use Drones For Live Feeds

Drones have an advantage over smartphones for live feeds because of their ability to move independently of the user. Drones can be used to capture footage of live events in a way that conventional handheld devices cannot.

Create Videos That Convert

More than 90 per cent of customers say that video helps them make shopping decisions. Aerial footage can assist shoppers by providing them with more information about a product or service than they could glean through written content or standard photos.

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