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The Best Way to Promote A Golf Course!

Drones for Golf Course Promotion

Finding new ways to promote your golf course is an important way to keep your business going. Drones are an excellent, slightly newer way to promote your course, and they can even have some other uses in the maintenance of the course too. Aerial photography might be expensive from a plane, but a drone makes it much more affordable to capture video and images of a golf course from above. Sweeping aerial shots are a fantastic asset to have for your promotional materials, from your website to brochures. There are some great benefits to using drones for your golf course promotion.

Get Quality Film and Photography

Using a drone, you can capture excellent quality video and take photos of your golf course. Aerial photography and aerial videography are easy when you have the technology to get up into the air without much effort. A drone can travel, easily get shots at different angles and is unlikely to disturb anything or anyone around it. With licensed drone operators helping you to capture the video and photos that you want, one drone session on your course can give you valuable visual content for years.

Create a Range of Promotional Materials

The video and photos that you can gather from a session with a drone will give you material that you can use in a variety of ways. Aerial photographs can be incorporated into the designs for print materials, such as posters, brochures, flyers and print ads, as well as used for online marketing materials, such as websites and social media. Aerial video has a great range of uses too, from promotional videos to virtual tours. Creating a hole-by-hole video of your course is an excellent way to showcase what you have to offer. You can get a great deal of use out of the photos and video that you record, so you get plenty of value out of just one drone session.

Choose an Affordable Promotion Tool

Using a drone to capture videos and photos is an affordable way to promote your golf course. They are very cost-effective when compared to using a helicopter or light aircraft to carry out the same job, and you still benefit from great quality photos and footage. Even smaller golf courses can afford to use drones for their marketing and promotional material, and perhaps even capture footage at different times of the year.

Offer an Interactive Experience

Video footage and aerial photography collected using drones can be used to create interactive content for your website and other places. Interactive content is becoming more and more popular for marketing because it allows people to get involved with what you have to offer. As well as using your aerial footage as a promotional tool, you can offer it as an interactive tool for golfers to use so they can improve their game with a detailed view of the course.

Choose drone photography and videography to create high quality promotional materials for your golf course.

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