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Consider Drones for Video Advertising!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Drones have experienced a rapid increase in popularity within the consumer market over the past few years, but it’s important to remember that they have so much more potential than merely serving as a novelty plaything. Sure, drones are selling well to kids and hobbyists who will fly them around the local park or beaches on holiday. However, you should also consider the ways that they can help you to sell your products and services too! They are just as reliable as a marketing tool as they are a toy. While you may not have considered this before, aerial footage captured by drones can serve as excellent marketing material that sets your promotional and marketing video campaigns apart from the crowd. Let’s take a moment to see exactly how you can work them to your advantage.

A Unique Perspective

No matter what you are filming or recording, angles can make or break any video campaign. Too close for individual shots and you miss out on the bigger picture. Too far and you miss out on the important, smaller details. However, this has led to many video ads using the same old angles for the sake of safety. Remember that the consumer market is saturated with video content. When you open your social media, you’re flooded with videos. When you open your inbox, almost every other email has some video content on it. While browsing websites, there are video ads left, right, and center. Even some billboards have also been modernized and digitalized to display video ads rather than traditional stills. So, you need to make sure that you’re thinking outside of the box and offering your intended audience with shots that are going to capture their attention, rather than fading into the background. Drones provide you with the opportunity to take some truly stunning, sweeping, aerial shots that viewers are only really used to seeing in breathtaking documentaries. Use these to your advantage and think of alternative ways to work them into your videos in another way.

Creative and Engaging Content

Drones create an opportunity for truly creative and engaging content. You can use them in almost any environment (make sure to check local permissions regarding airspace) - from indoors in personal spaces to studios or outdoors. They’re an excellent means of getting viewers to think of a bigger picture. They could focus on a product, then zoom out rapidly to show people in various situations using it at once. It could focus on a customer and zoom out to a crowd. There’s so much opportunity to make important points about what you are selling in particular and how it can come in useful or apply to so many people’s lives! This type of footage does help you to stand out from the crowd.

While many of us do still associate drones with play, they can work pretty hard too! They have unlimited potential when it comes to crafting genuinely innovative, unique, and awe-inspiring videos to engage the consumer market with your brand. Who knows - they could take your next marketing campaign up, up, and away!

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